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Языковые Переводы
Услуги устного перевода
Апостиль документов
Легализация документов
Нотариальное заверение документов

Translation of personal documents
Translation of Academic Documents
Translation of documents for traveling abroad
Transfer for admission to foreign universities
Financial translation
 Commercial translation
 Scientific translation
 Medical translation
 Technical translation
 Legal translation
 Marketing translation
 Website translation
 Audiovisual translation
Translation of video games
written translation of documentation, contracts, acts, orders;
fiction, texts of various genres;
educational literature, manuals, articles, brochures;
private documentation, letters, certificates, invoices, passports, property documents, extracts from official sources.

Translation of technical documentation

scientific and educational (teaching aids, abstracts, textbooks, articles, dissertations, monographs, reports);
drawings and diagrams;
annotations and catalogs;
patents, certificates, data sheets;
explanations for the software;
Operating Instructions;
installation guides;
technical descriptions, etc

All types of legal texts:

passport, birth certificate, marriage certificate;

deed of gift, testament;

employment history;

educational documents;

contracts, agreements;

diplomatic acts;


protocols (including court records);

licenses, powers of attorney;

accounting documentation and reporting;

legislative acts;

investment programs and much more.

Medical translation
~Translation of medical reports
~Translation of medical documentationTranslation of medical records is performed mainly for several groups of clients:

scientists and doctors who follow the development of medicine as a science, the emergence of new developments, techniques, medicines (articles, monographs, dissertations);
students (educational literature);
citizens in need of treatment abroad (medical history, results of examinations and tests, medical reports);
various companies (instructions for medical equipment, descriptions of medicinal products, publications on the work of medical institutions, instructions for medications, certificates, etc.).

Financial translation
We regularly accept the following documents for work:

tax and customs declarations;
agreements and contracts;
financial summaries, reports, statements;
accounting certificates;
bank documents;
audit reports;
marketing research reports;
publications, articles, specialized literature;
conference transcripts, meeting recordings, etc

Translation of fiction / books
We do:

translations of articles, essays, essays and texts of other genres of journalism;
stories, novellas, novels and other prose;
poetic works (poems, poems, ballads, etc.);
scripts, etc.

Apek Translation Service

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​проспект Чынгыза Айтматова 16,

Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

Языковые Переводы

Апостиль документов

Легализация документов


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